Sum Drishti to build 1000 homes for the underprivileged in Uttarakhand

Sum Drishti to build 1000 homes for the underprivileged in Uttarakhand

On 02 Dec , 2019 12:09 PM

Sum Drishti is doing a Technical Collaboration with USA based Organisation having expertise in Earth Bag Technology for Hope Homes initiative. Earth Bag Technology excels in disaster-resistant, Eco-Friendly homes at low cost. Earth Bag Technology structures have proved to be able to stand earthquake of 9.1 Richter scale. Besides earthquake these structures are flood, cyclone, fire and bomb resistant.

“This is a great and one of its kind initiative in India.  Thanks to Sum Drishti for striving to help under privileged people in our Uttarakhand not only in building robust houses in Natural Disaster prone regions but also helping them generate livelihood from their home itself. I urge the corporates and individuals to come together and help in this great cause,” Mr. Sunil Uniyal Gama, Mayor of Dehradun.

Hope Homes Earthbag structures will be stronger than conventional ones and will be built through much simpler and basic construction methods, which in turn are easy to learn and execute. The process is inexpensive because of the savings on material, transport and skilled workers. The pollution and depletion of natural resources is also much less. This initiative will also create jobs for locals.

Hope Homes will be built in the next 5 years for beneficiaries selected from low-income groups. Preference would be given to the women with no earning members in the family, are homeless and elderly.

Sum Drishti is committed for Hope Homes to all who need it and not just those who have a roof over their head coupled with sustainable, disaster-immune and environment friendly solutions best suited to our villages. We will build these homes in partnership with corporates, government support and volunteers. We will start our journey from Uttarakhand and then, we will take it to other states,” Dr. Siya Seth, CEO, Sum Drishti.

Those with no regular income will also be supported with additional rooms as part of Hope Homes to generate income through rural tourism. Sum Drishti will initiate Cultural and Rural Tourism projects in these areas for National and International Tourists. This will generate livelihood and will tackle the problem of migration to cities and ghost villages.

Sum Drishti and Hope Homes will work with Government Bodies, Corporates (under Corporate Social Responsibility) and Volunteer Organisations and Individuals to generate funds for the project. 

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