Rahul Dravid flags off I wont honk Buses

Rahul Dravid flags off I wont honk Buses

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Rahul Dravid flags off 'I won't honk' Buses

Bangalore, 27 June 2014: -

Indian cricket icon, Rahul Dravid on Friday flagged off BMTC --run volvo buses

displaying message of 'I wont Honk'. Dravid is part of the 'I won't Honk' campaign since

it was launched last year by city-based think tank GIREM in association with Bangalore

Traffic Police.

'I Won’t Honk' Campaign is an initiative against unnecessary honking in Bangalore to

make the city free from noise pollution a better place to live.

“This is another step towards making Bangalore a better place to live and make it noise

free and also to make people understand that unnecessary honking cannot reduce the

traffic on roads. And if city transport authorities aid our campaign it will only turn out be

more effective. I would like to invite more Partners to come aboard. Appreciate the

support of BMTC to further create awareness about unnecessary honking” said Dravid on

the occasion.

Mr. B Dayananda, Bangalore traffic additional commissioner said “It is good to see the

initiative has significantly gained momentum since its launch. We are proud to be

associated with such an effective campaign”.

Mr. Anjum Parwez, Managing Director of BMTC said “We are delighted to be part of

this campaign. It is extremely important to drive the message to not use horn

unnecessary. The corporation will want to stay committed to the campaign.”

Mr. Shyam Sunder S Pani, president, GIREM, said “ This was indeed the much required

campaign as we need to make people understand that honking doesn’t mean that they

would move faster, rather it shows an in disciplined behavior of the citizens towards their

city." GIREM is a collective body and it works continuously with local government and

supervisory agencies in the areas of infrastructure planning, sustainable growth and


The sponsors of these Buses are Brigade Group, Britania, UL Cyberpark, Calicut.

About the campaign: The “I won’t Honk–Citizen movement aims to create public

awareness in the hope that it will be able to influence a change in the attitudes of vehicle

owners and that it will bring down the need to press the horn. The initiative will come up

with guidelines for the installation of horns that are within the permissible limits.

The idea will be to discourage unnecessary honking and encouraging a more disciplined

approach to road traffic will do this.

Efforts will be made to create awareness amongst drivers on the ill effects of noise

pollution via honking. The initiative plans to partner with various communities to drive

the change in cities and towns across India.

The idea is to bring together the common man, Traffic Police, State Transport Agencies,

Taxi and Auto associations, schools and also colleges. Corporate houses will be roped in

too along with radio stations and television channels.

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