Newsd Ties Up With fame

Newsd Ties Up With fame

On 26 Dec , 2019 01:23 AM

Newsd Ties Up With #fame

New Delhi, November 5, 2015: Mumbai-based digital entertainment services

provider Famebox Network Ltd, which operates under the brand #fame, has

 joined hands with online news curator and aggregator Newsd making a foray

into the online news videos and bulletins space. 

#fame, founded in September 2014  to create content for web and mobile

platforms, is also funded by former Coke CEO Sanjeev Gupta-backed digital

and tech investment fund TTN Ventures.

Speaking on the tie-up, Mayur Shekhar Jha, founder and MD, Newsd said,

"Sensationalism in news reporting has become the order of the day. Newsd

strives to uphold real news and positive developments to its users.

Collaborating with a partner like #fame will help us achieve this even better."

Jha added that since news is inceasingly being consumed on mobile phones,

apps are the new pivot on which the economy is turning. Newsd app,

launched in July this year, provides news in text and audiovisual formats with

special focus on tier 2 and 3 cities.

"News is an exciting sector and we are very happy to enter it with a

pathbreaking short news application, Newsd, What sets Newd apart from

other aggregators is that it carries  exclusive news and its exhaustive take on

regional developments, which is seldom heeded by new media." said Saket

Saurabh, Founder and CEO, #fame. 

About #fame:

#fame is not just a business and a brand, it is a movement. Video is the new

text and talent is the most powerful currency in this digital age. Talented

individuals join #fame to do what they love most – launch an idea, grow their

skills, build a community, find an audience and prosper. From the most

imaginative chefs to awe-inspiring musicians, from comics who find humour in

almost everything to discerning fashionistas who are on the top of trends,

from celebrities to the kid next door, #fame is home to everyone. #fame is a

talent led digital entertainment network where if you’ve got it, we can help you

flaunt it! 

About Newsd: 

Newsd is a new age information, curation and dissemination platform.

Screaming headlines, sensationalised and editorialised news reporting

painting a grim picture of the nation and the economy seem to have become

the order of the day. Real news and positive developments get lost in this

cacophony. Our philosophy is to give you the best curated news service in the

most concise manner. Now, you can consume a news article in less than 30

seconds and personalise what you'd like to read. Our innovative timeline and

follow functionalities allow you to track what is of essence to your sensibilities.

Join our events to engage with key stakeholders in the government, social

and private sectors. Come, be a part of the Newsd Revolution.

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