Amplus secures150MW open access solar projects to invest Rs 750 crores in Haryana

Amplus secures150MW open access solar projects to invest Rs 750 crores in Haryana

On 03 Jan , 2020 02:50 AM

Amplus secures150MW open access solar projects, to invest Rs. 750 crores in Haryana

New Delhi, May 21 st 2019: Amplus Solar, Asia’s leading distributed solar power company has secured

the government approval for 2 projects totaling 150 MW for supply of solar energyunder open access

route to industries in Haryana. Amplus expects to make a capital investment of 750 crores for these


Amplus had signed an MoU with Department of Renewable Energy, Govt for Haryana, in 2016 to invest

Rs. 1,000 crore in solar sector in line with the Haryana Solar Policy that has a target of 3200 MW solar


The Gurgaon-headquartered Amplus will set up these projectsunder group captive model in Sirsa and

Bhiwani districts where it has already acquired 575 acres of land undera long-term lease. Construction

of the plant is expected to begin soon and will be operational this year.

“Haryana is in the forefront of development with inclusion of clean energy to power the growth. The

state hosts large number of multi-national commercial and industrial conglomerates. These companies

are very enthused with this support from the state government for adoption of green energy. These

projectsalso provide steady flow of income to the local populations during construction and operation of

the plant. We essentially are creating a clean technology based ecosystem to support the local

population for a better livelihood for current as well as future generation.” said Sanjeev Aggarwal, CEO

& MD, Amplus Solar.

Amplus already has developed several marquee rooftop projects of over 15 MW under RESCO model in

Haryana and is already supplying solar energy to customers like Mahindra Defense, Rapid Metro,

MothersonGroup, Fortis hospital, Yamaha and several others.

Amplus commissioned India’s largest single location open access solar farm of 175 MWp at Gadag,

Karnataka that supplies solar power to more than 30 industrial and commercial customers including GE,

Oracle, Lafarge, CISCO, and Honda.

About AmplusSolar: 

Amplus Solar is Asia’s leading distributed energy company providing low carbon energy solutions to

industrial and commercial customers. Amplus provides clean energy to its clients by setting up both on-

site solar projects (rooftop and ground-mounted) and off-site solar farms.

Amplus is a 100% subsidiary of Petronas Holdings, Malaysia and is headquartered in Gurugram, India

with regional offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Pune. Today, Amplus

owns and manages a portfolio of 600+ MWp of operational and under construction distributed solar

assets across India.

Amplus’ operational plants are expected to cumulatively generate 11890 Million units of electricity over

the 25 years duration of the projects. The CO2 abatement over the lifetime of these projects amounts to

11.43 Million Metric Tonnes. The environmental impact can also be equated to 13.13 Million mature

trees absorbing CO2 for 40 years.

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