Amatra Hotels Initiatives to help stranded animals and people

Amatra Hotels Initiatives to help stranded animals and people

On 10 Jun , 2020 11:10 PM

 Amatra Hotels, a Gurgaon based luxury hospitality chain has initiated steps to pay back to the society in terms of helping stranded people and animals during these unprecedented challenging times of COVID-19. 

Amatra has set-up a doghouse in its Amatra By The Ganges property in Haridwar to take care of several stray dogs in the vicinity who were finding it tough to get food in these times. Amatra has constructed a doghouse to take care of the animals by providing them meals, medicines, and partnering with a veterinary to take care of their health. 

Amatra is putting up a mechanism to set-up similar facilities in all its properties and would be continued even when the pandemic is over. 

The company has also reached out to the hundreds of people in Haridwar and Mussoorie who require essential commodities like rice, wheat, pulses, and even daily use items like soap, shampoo, sanitary napkins, etc. The company has allocated staff to ensure everyone who needs help would be provided with these bags in the vicinity it operates in. 

“We believe that these initiatives are our duty towards society and not just a CSR activity. We are here to support the animals and people who are in need during this pandemic which we all have to face together. It is to empower the community and to let people know that we stand with them together in this,” said Mr. Gaurav Taneja, Corporate General Manager, Amatra Hotels & Resorts.

Amatra is also talking to various NGOs operating in areas of animal rescuers and also local NGO’s to source many of their products and creating local business. Amatra is already following the COVID-19 guidelines laid by the local authorities to ensure guests are in a safe and hygienic environment.

The global pandemic has severely shaken the world and has had catastrophic effects on the livelihood of millions across the globe. Amidst these dark times when life, as we know it has come to a slow-down, citizens and corporates, are uniting to provide rays of hope which can better the situation of the people in these dire circumstances.