ASF Group organizes Diwali Fest for tenants at ASF Insignia

ASF Group organizes Diwali Fest for tenants at ASF Insignia

On 26 Dec , 2019 12:39 AM

ASF Group organizes Diwali Fest for tenants at ASF Insignia

November 9, 2015 Delhi NCR: ASF Group, one of the leading real estate

developer in India organized a Diwali fest at its flagship IT SEZ, ASF Insignia

where a renowned dancing couple, Dr. Reddy’s participated.

Padma Award winners, Drs. Raja and Radha Reddy, the famous dancing

couple who are renowned for Kuchipudi dance form visited ASF Diwali

Carnival, hosted by ASF infrastructure at their IT SEZ, ASF Insignia.

ASF Diwali Carnival celebrated the cultural diversity of India, with folk

performances from various Indian dance forms like Traditional Manipuri

Dance, Rajasthani Dance etc, the event also had a lively Punjabi Pipe Band,

which performed for the gathered audience.

The fest, which was exclusive to its tenants, was organized in a spirit to

ensure corporate employees were able to celebrate India’s biggest festival,

Diwali, along with their office colleagues and families.

The tenants were seen enjoying the variety of food while picking up

interesting Diwali Hampers. The event also hosted cuisines from several parts

of the country which included Hyderabadi, North Indian, South Indian, and

North-Eastern Cuisines.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Raja Reddy addressed the crowd about the

cultural diversity in India and its rich heritage in the world of Dance forms,

from classical to folk, Indian dance forms have acted as an inspiration to

various dance forms across the globe and has the power to bring together

people from diverse ethnic background under one roof.

ASF Insignia is a 50 acre IT SEZ located off. Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, just

10 Kms from Chattarpur Metro Station thru Mandi Road and Bristol Gurgaon.

This self-sufficient IT SEZ , boasts of an impressive client base of

international MNC’s like Ericsson, IBM, TCS, Mercer and Impetus; the IT SEZ

currently has about 12000 people working inside it for various clients.

The event brought together employees from different organizations to

celebrate the festive season and cultural diversity of the country.

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